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[1] PEXON PCs - Custom USB, PC and Audio Cables

[2] PC Sleeving (Corsair, Seasonic etc PSU Cables, SATA, fan cables) by Pexon

[3] Welcome to Pexon PCs

[4] NEW PEXON WEBSITE IS NOW LIVE!!! New Cables, updates, images, guides and informa

[5] BIG Update @ PEXON - Cerakote Custom Aviator (10% off promo), New MDPC-X, New Au

[6] GMK Zooted Cerakote Aviators now LIVE at PEXON!

[7] New Keyboard Sleeves Available at PEXON

[8] 60 new paracord colours @ PEXON!

[9] New Keeb Modding Section @ PEXON!


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