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What other hobbies consume your time?

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--- Quote from: phinix on Fri, 18 March 2022, 04:44:34 ---I'm back on photography, sold my old stuff an bought newer ones, used but you can get cameras in really good state used nowadays.
Like to do macro and some street photography.

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Sigh, I would love to get back into active photography on a regular basis.

It used to be a major component of my other passions- climbing/hiking and travel. Having kids put a severe damper to the former, and Covid has brought the latter to a standstill. I bought a Fuji X100 for quick photography, and it's great, but for me it just doesn't substitute for the feeling of a full SLR/DSLR setup. I certainly don't miss film though- I tried going back to film about a decade ago and am happy that we're in a digital photography age.

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Yeah, same here. I was ailways into photography, but only when was travelling, as locally never had good subjects to photograph.
I had different cameras in the past, from oldest Zenith TTL, through film Minoltas to m4/3, which I had for last 15 years.
Few months ago I bough my first full frame, Sony A7II - used, not the latest mark etc but it does all I wanted (apart from battery life).
Went through 4 different lens - I prefer primes, tried different one to see which one can be my one and only for family, travel, street.
Kept Sony 28/2. Few weeks ago I decided to pull the trigger on one lens that I've been reading about for years - manual one - Voigtlander Nokton 40mm 1.2.
This is something I need to practice, but it is really amazing lens, can't wait to use it on my trip to Paris in June.
Last lens is macro - 7artisans 60mm 2.8 - cause I always felt I like macro.
So this is my kit - sun came out lately in Scotland, so I'll be out taking photos.

On the other hand, I find myself very rarely coming back to photos folder and actually watch it all. That is why I sometimes feel like spending a lot of money on all that equipment was waste of money. But then, once I go out, or travel, I want to have good stuff with me to take opportinity and do all those photos I like - portraits, street, night photos/low light stuff.

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I hadn't noticed your location tag before... I miss Scotland. I've been there 9-10 times, always up somewhere in the highlands- Fort William area, Cairngorms, and Skye a couple of times. The country is absolutely beautiful, even when the weather isn't cooperative. I only found out about the Cuillin Ridge towards the end of my time in that part of the world, it's the one route that I regret not doing.

I started with manual Minoltas- an SRT303, a 101. I'm now on a FF Nikon with mostly primes, but some of them are pretty chunky, and you really need constant practice to use the MF ones. Especially as cameras these days are too reliant on AF so they don't use split prisms for focal assist.

Right, that does it, I am pulling out the D750 and the old 100mm F2 tonight, and I'll try portraiture again.

granola bar enthusiast:
painting is really fun and I sometimes modify certain mice (my fav i have done so far is a razer mouse with modified switches so you can drag click on it)

league of legends. Wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy though


--- Quote from: Versaknight on Tue, 12 April 2022, 09:00:02 ---league of legends. Wouldnt wish it upon my worst enemy though

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Can't be worse than Runescape.

Wet shaving - I have about 20 straight razors from various artisans - some custom made for me. I also have about 30 odd double edge safety razors and a ton load of shaving brushes. Most of which I never us... just sit looking at and admiring them.


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