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What's the worst iPhone you've ever had

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I'd say iPhone 4

But this 6+ is a contender as well


Well the 7 Plus is better than the 4 so the 4 is the worst I've had.

wha.... they were all pretty good..   except for the defective button ones..   but they sent out replacements for those...

For me, it isn't the hardware so much as the software.

iOS has been on a downward trend since iOS 7 for me. The performance is abysmal due to input blocking (where the phone doesn't acknowledge your tap/swipe/click because an animation is running, even if it appears done). The iPhone 4S/5 on iOS 6 feel so much faster than a 6/6S on iOS 7+ as a result.

Everything is turning into a store or service.

I'm not really sure there is a best iPhone since they all have pros and cons. Moving to the 4.7" screen size and form factor was a massive improvement.

Iphone 4  :D


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