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Harimau Switch Review
« on: Sun, 08 August 2021, 10:15:39 »
Hey all,

Resisting all urges to just make this announcement one long pun of everyone's favorite Survivor song, I'm very excited to bring you a review of the brand new Harimau switches from Rebult Keyboards. These heavy tactile switches are not only the latest to be inspired by the famous Zyko frankenswitch, but they are also freshly available in groupbuy starting today! So if you're on the lookout for some new switches, and especially some tactile ones, you may want to take a look at this first...

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As always, thank you all the love and support that you guys continue to show me and the reviews. While not all of them are necessarily the easiest or most fun to write (this one was an absolute blast though), it really does make them all just a bit more enjoyable knowing that they can help inform you guys on your switch decisions.