Author Topic: [IC] Sofia - 60% Standard / HHKB / WKL [PROTOTYPE WAITING | Color List UPDATE]  (Read 113295 times)

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Oke going to post this here!

Update on the covid-19 related delays!

Altho Salvun has kept working during these times. A lot of the supply lines and down line processing where very disturbed.
Machining of the Sophia proto is done. And at the anodizer.
We had no control over this and I do not disagree with the anodizers desicion to put everything non critical on hold until the high experience guys are back on the floor. And for them to prioritize medical stuff over other things.

So I have conformation from the anodizer that things are starting to move again and work will start next week on all the above projects!

i just get the message from Salvun, and then we are good to continue this project

Oh man, that green tho

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Will this be sold thru a vendor or your own shop site?

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Dear Folks,

I have several updates that you guys need to know.
1. Salvun is moving his anodizer that is more good especially in QC and production time. But the color choice will be limited. But this is the best option that we had.
2. Prototype is ready to build by some streamer, now we are waiting the update.

We hope that we could start the GB soon.
Thank you for all your understanding and patience

Kind regards from us.

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Still holding out hope that this will become a reality!!

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Re: [IC] Sofia - 60% Standard / HHKB / WKL [PROTOTYPE WAITING | Color List UPDATE]
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Happy 3 year anniversary to the original IC post, hope to see this happen someday.