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[GB] GMK ReForged - Artisan update Landcaps, Keycravings

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GMK ReForged

driftingbunnies designed it, I love it, lets get it made!! Group buy LIVE!!!!
Kit Pricing (MOQ)-  Soon
Estimated ship date Q1 2023
Buy here --> Vendors
US - MekiboCA - ApexKeyboardsEU- MykeyboardUK and Non-EU  - proto[Typist]China - ZfrontierOceania - Daily ClackLATAM - Fancy CustomsSEA - iLumkbPH - Zion StudiosJapan - Basekeys

Anvil (Base Kit)

Forgemaster's Kit (Novelties)

Molten Alphas - includes extra Tab to allow you to fill out 2 boards with Anvil and Molten


CablesMochi's CablesDark
Keebstuff Kabelmanufaktur coming soon

RendersThanks to S61 and endjy for the renders on the upcoming AXE 60

Thanks to Abec13 for the rendersAustin - by driftingbunnies

Iron165 by Smith + Rune
Thanks to Kingk22 for renders TX 60 and TX66 by TX Keyboards
SalvunSpecial thanks to Salvun as out of nowhere he pulled out some caps for ReForged in the middle of moving!!!  :thumb:Burned Copper caps, with engraved Fire novelty
FraktalKapsKeyCravingsHellbent CapsArtkeyLandcaps
Wrist RestsDigital Carpentry - wooden wrist rests

Thanksdriftingbunnies for letting me give this set another shot. Lets make this happen!!OCM for these amazing novelties and deskmatKingk22 and Abec13 for the amazing renders from the previous IC/GB and the new kitsMochis Cables for listening to my idea, and making it realityOrange for all his help on the discord, and being just a general artisan guruKonstantin for his kitting knowledge, willingness to share, and being a joy to work withRoche for always being there to bounce stuff off and being a great friendEveryone in the discord, instagram and all the artisan community who have supported me from Copper and continue to do so, you are all are amazing
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Love it, I'm in for both Anvil + Molten.

Hey I remember doing renders for this, Let's make it this time!

Chris Mechs and Co:
Almost as hot as the heat in a forge :fire:


--- Quote from: mixie on Wed, 29 September 2021, 17:27:55 ---Love it, I'm in for both Anvil + Molten.

--- End quote ---
Thanks so much for the support!!!

--- Quote from: Abec13 on Wed, 29 September 2021, 17:58:19 ---Hey I remember doing renders for this, Let's make it this time!

--- End quote ---
Amazing renders as always, I agree lets make it this time!!  :thumb:

--- Quote from: Chris Mechs and Co on Wed, 29 September 2021, 19:49:42 ---Almost as hot as the heat in a forge :fire:

--- End quote ---
You got that right, on fire!!!


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