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[IC] Phoenix - a TKL by Cable Car Designs

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From the ashes rises Phoenix!
Featuring a beautiful curved side profile, Phoenix evokes a feeling of elegant luxury.

The board features a carefully thought out ground-up implementation of a sandwich gasket mounting system. It has been engineered to keep the typing feel not only consistent across the whole board but also make it one of the most pleasant experiences in keyboards.

Photo credit @thinkkwer

TL;DR – please fill in this form

Key Features

* F13 Tenkeyless layout with ANSI and ISO support
* Sandwich gasket mount designed for consistency and type feel (poron as default, see below)
* USB Type-C w/ universal daughterboard support
* PCB with south facing stabiliser support
* Semi-seamless design with thin bezels
* 6.5° typing angle
* 20.268mm front height (with feet inc 7.8mm high profile) Effective Keyboard Height is 23.173. Details in Additional links
* Weights: 4kg built with brass base, brass base alone is 3.2kg, alu base is just over 1kg so built with alu base will be approx 2kg
* That curve
Note about the weights: they are approx due to limited access to precision scales, some private owners measure it at 4.1, some at 3.9 so consider it ~4kg rather than dead on

Group Buy Details

* Pricing: $499 (Aluminium base) $599 (Brass base) - Pricing is subject to change due to fluctuating raw costs
* Regional pricing will be added with the group buy post but is expected to mirror the exchange of the USD price above
* Date: 2022 Feb 1st through to 2022 March 2nd
* Format: Unlimited (Subject to agreement amongst vendors)
Here is an excellent set of photos by the excellent @thinkkwer

Please consider this post a living document, I am currently in the process of finalising all arrangements with vendors and factories so dates and pricing will be updated as soon as I can.

In testing and amongst the private buy participants I’ve found people tend to prefer poron gaskets so that will be the default gasket material. If we get a sufficient volume of orders I intend to also include a set of silicone gaskets for a slightly firmer feel.
The PCB that comes with the kit will be customised though it is compatible with a.88 PCBs with daughterboard support.
Gaskets and feet are both custom cut for this board, there is a large AliExpress store that sells similar sized feet that will work down the line if you are unable to source your own. Though I will release the files for the gaskets as those are specific for this board.


* Colors: Dark Red, Silver, or Black
* WK or WKL top (the PCBs and plates will only support a 7u bottom row unless there’s sufficient interest, please see IC form above)
* Full brass or aluminium base
* Plates: Polycarbonate or aluminium, ANSI or ISO
* The PCB will be a customised version of mechstudio’s mk88 complete with daughterboard and JST cable
* The board will ship with a hard case
* Additional plates, PCBs, and gaskets
Here is a list of the retailers with their respective prices and regions. There are no regional restrictions outside of where a store can normally ship to, please buy from whichever vendor is best for you! Anything not completed will be updated ASAP

RegionRetailer & LinkRegional priceNotesEuropemykeyboard.euTBDUSAMekiboTBDCanadaApexKeyboardsTBDOCEDaily ClackTBDSingaporeHex KeyboardsTBDEast Asiakibou.storeTBDIndonesiapluskbTBDUKKeebCatsTBD
Due to the ongoing complications of the pandemic an exact timeline is hard to nail down, I would be hopeful everything can be manufactured and shipped in around 6-9 months. Though once we have a better idea of the volume of boards it will be easier to get a better timeline to share.

Plate files will be made available in my github plate repository once production files are confirmed.

Here is an exploded view

If you have any questions or comments about the case/pcb/buy etc. please ask here or by any of these contact methods: Reddit, Geekhack, email, discord.
I am most available on discord but will try to get back to you in a reasonable timeframe any way you reach out.

Thank you for your time

– Max

Additional links:
Soundtests pastelink
Github on Effective Keyboard Height

Thanks to:
Private Round buyers for their invaluable feedback
Morgana for an exceptional logo design
Kwerdenker/thinkkwer for being an extremely attractive human being
Lewis Flude for being an S-Tier proofreader
Everyone who was so enthusiastic to see the board come to life
you for reading the thanks section

Edit notes:
added weight to feature list
added EKH
added exploded view
added UK vendor
added pricing

King ****.





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