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Looking for a Layperson's Guide to Editing Dactyl Clojure

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Yes, but that configurator does not allow you to add an extra inner column like the Ex-Dactyl or the Dactyl-Manuform. You can add another outer column, but not another inner one above the thumb cluster.

i know what you mean. for your layer switching like your split aek. don't know that it's supported in the clojure script (out of the realm of what i know).

you're good with cad stuff, what about generating one that's what you want minus the inner column, and edit that in once you import the scad file?

or start with the Ex-Dactyl files?

also, the ergodash is very close to that layout, although flat, not curved.
i have a set of pcb's i put together, but i'm not fond of that layout.

I did spend a few hours trying to modify the Ex-Dactyl model but I haven't gotten it to a place where it's printable yet. I was hoping that it would be faster to be able to change variables in the code, but I can't even identify what they are. I searched for the key words of the things I want to change but nothing that comes after them makes any sense to me.

I really want to make a proper curved board. My BFO-9000 has been serving me well for the past few months but I only built it as a stopgap. If I have to I will try modeling a curved board from the ground up again, but if I could figure out how to modify the Dactyl parametrically that could save me many many many hours. It's just a big itch that I don't know how scratch.

Have you tried to reach out to the author of the ex-dactyl code?

Usually these people are very receptive to questions about their projects.

Sorry, that clojure stuff is above my pay grade. But once you got it figured out you can teach me...


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