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SolidBrass 60%
a solid brass 60% keyboard.

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Shortly: gasket mount, 304x110, 18mm front, 30mm back, 7°

Something about me:

My name is Corrado and i'm from Italy.
I'm a naval and mechanical engineer.
I currently work as product engineer and i'm relatively new to this hobby.

During the first Corona lockdown, i started gaming. I bought a cheap mechanical keyboard from aliexpress... that's how it started :)

I started designing this keyboard on september '20.
On march '21 i completed all the 3d components, ipt/stp file, dwg drawings and i started asking for quotations all around the world.
A month later i decided to order 4 complete board samples.
Factory got closed for few week due to Corona virus.
10 days ago, i finally received the samples i ordered.

Everything work, but i'm not happy with the overall quality. This is why, while these keyboards will go to the plating plant, i'm ordering a new sample from another supplier.

Layout and PCB:

The keyboard has been designed aroud the Wilba Graphite 60%.
A custom PCB give you the possibility to further personalize your design. But force customers to buy extra pcb to avoid problems in the future.
A custom PCB may generate issues that i'm not able to solve (i've no experience with pcb and electrical circuits). Especially now, with components shortage, this can cause huge delay.
That's why i've preferred a standard one.

The plate allow all the layouts of the Graphite; ISO ANSI 6.25u and 7u spacebar.
The plate will be brass made. But i will share all the necessary files to produce by other materials.

Blockers allow you to remove the switches you don't like.

Backside plug allow you to chooce left/right/central positioning of the Usb-C.
Three different wirings will be provided to connect the PCB with the daughter board.
An oring on each plug avoid every possible vibration.
A set screw secures the plug in position.

(laser engraving is missing, must be done after the plating)

Please note that every photos show natural brass (no protective treatment). Oxidation and spots are absolutely normal.

Material and colors:

When you use quality materials, there is no reason to cover and hide them.
My idea is to use Electroplating instead of painting/anodizing.
3 keyboards are now on their way to the plating plant.

I'll show you soon:
                                - Gold plating
                                - Silver plating
                                - Copper plating
                                - Natural brass with a transparent protector

Quantity and target price:

I don't have a MQO. Keyboards will be numbered from 1 to 100.
nr. 1 to 4 will be used as samples for photos and test.
nr. 5 will be sent to a content creator.
nr. 6 to 100 will be sold through a GB.

Target price under 500€. I'll do my best to decrease it.
Copper, silver and gold plated will have the price (but i'll confirm that soon).
EVA handbag, blockers, extra screews, are included.
No extras. I'm working on a keycap with the logo.
If it works, it will be included.

More Photos:

What's now?
We wait. In few week i should receive back samples from the plating factory.
I ordered another sample from a new supplier, trying to improve the quality.


--- Quote from: Baka Bot on Thu, 21 October 2021, 09:20:25 ---not sure how i feel about the removable blockers

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: yuutsu on Thu, 21 October 2021, 10:55:14 ---I would highly recommend not to go removable blockers, not only does it make the board look and feel cheap, but that’s a lot of small brass pieces that you have to QC, which would make the price a lot higher.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: kylekwong1 on Thu, 21 October 2021, 11:02:20 ---Removable blockers always make them feels like a afterthought

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: whirlwind on Thu, 21 October 2021, 12:44:22 ---+1 of not using removable blockers. Otherwise this looks promising, GLWIC!

--- End quote ---

thanks for your replies :)
about the blockers. if the form shows that people don't like them, i'll remove them.
but i want to explain why i like them.

ordering 100 keyboard WITH blockers means ordering:
- 100 top body
- 400 small blockers
- 400 big blockers
100 pcs are a good number for cnc components. with 100pcs price will start decreasing.
(consider that 400+400 blockers cost less than half of 100 top body)

ordering 100 keyboard WITHOUT blocker means ordering:
30-40 top body for each version.
a 30pcs order isn't so good. cnc works require different program and the time spent programming cnc machinery will be spread over 30 pcs instead of 100.
(moving from 100 to 30-40pcs may easily double the price)

having said that, this won't be a cheap keyboard.
i don't like the idea of someone watching this and thinking i made cheap choices :)
give me some days to think about that and redroming the models without blockers

--- Quote from: zebus on Thu, 21 October 2021, 23:30:39 ---Will the "clear protector" on the brass be noticeable?

Could also just offer a raw brass, I can just add keyboard polishing to my list of pastime activities :D

--- End quote ---
brass get oxidized by the oxygen present in the air.
when you mill brass you remove the oxidized layer and you get the shiny, polished material that you imagine when you think "brass". :)
after few days, brass start being darker and less shiny.
the "protector" is a transparent paint. it will preserve brass at his original state.

yes, you can have raw brass. and i think is super cool. :) you will have a keyboard that grows old...
it will change his look during his lifetime. oxidation is a natural process and it doesn't damage brass at all.
indeed, brass get oxidized himself to self protect from oxygen.
on the contrary, if you want a always shiny product that even after 50years looks like a teenager, plating or transparent protection is your way :)

I *think* I like this

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Baka Bot:
not sure how i feel about the removable blockers

now THIS is epic


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