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Fitaly layout (one handed)

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I found this site on my travels

It's a layout for jabbing with one finger, designed to drastically reduce the amount of finger and hand travel compared to the effort to jab using a qwerty keyboard.  The most popular keys are near the middle and has two space bars.

So having a spare row and column keyboard taking space in a cupboard and feeling the need to experiment...

I've only re-arranged the keys, haven't had the time to reprogram the 'board yet.  I think it's a fair first draft, but it'll be a little while before it can be used in anger.

Any thoughts?

Not a bad idea, but wouldn't a 5x5 layout, with Z just outside of the area, be even better?

It's a good question...  I just stole the layout, but if I were to go with the 5x5, I'd make the space the centre key and kick out the q as well as the z.

Having read the website, maybe I'm wrong. If you treat space as just another character, and they say it is then by far the most commonly used, you want that near the middle. As you are dealing with 27 characters, you're pretty much forced into a 6x5 grid.

If you allowed the keys to have non-standard widths you could add a 3rd space button between N and E. i.e. 1 1/3 width space, N, 1 1/3 width space, E, 1 1/3 width space. Might work on an on-screen keyboard, not so easy on a physical one though.

My firm muscle memory for the layouts with which I am trained pretty much obviates the need to rearrange keys. My Maltrons have been nearly untested because they also have a non-QWERTY, non-Dvorak, non-Colmak layout. Unless I lose a finger or hand, I can`t see the upside of investing in yet another layout that`s not found off my workbench.

This may be optimized for single-hand use, but I'd think there'd be more payoff in a QWERTY layout in this physical configuration.


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