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GTFO escape key [designs]

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--- Quote from: hashbaz;467924 ---I would really like a few GTFO keys ... I'm willing to take over the GTFO portion of this buy, but I'm not interested in TITS keys, or in asking Melissa at SP to make them.
--- End quote ---

Instead of tits, how about "human mammary gland"?

Yeah a GTFO wouldn't be bad = p.

I was thinking maybe we could do several Internet acronyms.  ROFL, ZOMG, WTF, SRSLY, OHAI, GTFO, STFU, etc.  Maybe as a set for the PgUp/PgDown cluster?

On the other hand interest in this kind of thing might have been consumed by the meme buy.

I think it's two completely different set of things. I'd still get some of these acronyms. Tho My keyboard is running out of keys to place all these things.


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