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[Order Thread] Phantom Kit Signature Doubleshot Keycaps [Now in Smaller Portions]

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--- Quote from: tsangan;446272 ---Awesome face yellow is which yellow? YY or YCH?
--- End quote ---

Awesome face is YY.

Would that be too bright for the RGB? Maybe YCF would suit it better

I'm not too familiar with rgby sets so I am not the best judge of which yellow that works the best. The alternative is to pick either sixty's color or wait for hashbaz to settle on a color for his kit.

Okay, I put up the option to purchase a Yellow set, no color decided on it though but it will be made for an RGBY set as Bini and tsang requested.

EDIT: I uploaded three versions on the yellow so we can decide which color will be the design on the yellow key.

no one besides us seems to be interested lol this isn't looking too good


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