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I still see footboard for use in certain secretary offices in the uk, but those were mainly for macros or special functions. The way the lady is using the footkeyboard and mouse is quite stupid body facing the footboard and the chest twisting to face the keyboard.

Normally the whole body is supposed to be facing one direction, so i imagine she is only clinging onto the desk because this is only to show it off.

I still believe that the way footboards are like however that this one brings nothing new to the table(or should i say floor) other than colour coded buttons and a foot mouse.

Now that i think of it a footmouse is totally stupid idea but instead a foot trackball, joystick or foot trackpad might be much much more interesting way to control the pc without needing to attach anything to the foot.

A good inteface should always allow the user to be stable though so at least one foot on the floor at all times.


--- Quote from: Therac-25;18011 ---So, if you have problems with RSI in your hands, you can then develop RSI in your legs?

Honestly, I wish eye tracking software would get to the point were you could just use your eyes as the cursor.
--- End quote ---

The issue with eye tracking software is that sooner or later eye strain will creep up you much faster, and putting more pressure on your eyes to do the work while your hands are wastefully doing nothing.

And the other issue is your subconsciously going to look at something you shouldn't be focussing on ;-)

Until mindreading is fully developed, whatever you use for input will potentially develop RSI.  Although, some days, I feel like I have RSI in my brain.

can a midi device be programmed to send the modifier keys?

I think you can do this with GlovePIE:


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