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--- Quote from: itlnstln;173461 ---The Apple Adjustable is another, but most people around here that have used it didn't like it.  Most of the split ergo keyboards you find are going to be ALPS-based.  The M15 (BS), uTron (Topre), Maltron (Cherry), Cherry Ergo-Plus and Kinesis (Cherry) are not, but they are much harder to find or fairly expensive (or both).
--- End quote ---

Kinesis Advantage seems like the best bet right now for an ergo mechanical.

I'd forget about the M15 or the Cherry MX-5000 ErgoPlus as they are so hard to find at this point. Though the cherry might be possible if you are in Europe.

Ultimately I think there are three aspects here: reasonable price, split, and mechanical. Choose two.

I really think the bigger issue is that split keyboards ended up being a fad more than a solution, and all of the better ones (Maltron, Kinesis, uTron, etc.) are niche items that command a higher price.  That said, the ones that are left are better solutions that the ones that are no longer in production with the exception of the M15 and Cherry Ergo-Plus.

Do it, make your own! Be sure, your aren't alone with this! :tea:
I have found one, that has it done with a alternative layout called "NEO", 100% handmade look here (german):

The point is: ... There are nothing good, unless you do it! ...

Thanks, guys, for all the information. Fast as always. :D

I wasn't specific enough at first.
What I am really looking forward is a two-piece keyboard united by a wire. Like the kinesis freestyle, which unfortunately is rubber dome.
But by the answers here I can figure it exists only in my dreams.

ps: uTron looks awesome, but a $500 keyboard is not for me.

There is an M15 for sale on eBay right now. Check the eBay Finds forum for details.


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