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Vancouver MK Meet-Up | February 16 2020
« on: Fri, 03 January 2020, 16:47:44 »
Get your tickets here:

We're back it's been a while. Registration is now open as of 1/3/2020. We're excited to announce that we've secured a beautiful venue downtown with extraordinarily easy access for our attendees. We ran an IC among the previous attendees a few months back and we have heard from you what worked well and what didn't.

Here is the key info:
Date: February 16th 2020
Time: 1:00-4:00 PM
Location: SFU's Segal Building (500 Granville Street)

Located just a five minute walk away from the Waterfront Skytrain Station, not only is it easily accessible to everyone in the Lower Mainland, but it is also more spacious than our previous meet-up! For those that come from out-of-town, the transit accessibility means that you don't have to worry about getting a place slightly further out of town.

Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks: we've got some extremely exciting door prizes as well as custom-made giveaways for you that we're excited to announce. Giveaway entry comes automatically with your ticket and will be done on-site at the end of the event. Everyone will also have the opportunity to display their keyboards and partake in the various freebies and activities that will be present at the event.

In previous years we've allowed buying and selling, through listings in a public google form. With your feedback, we've decided to change up the system and move it to our discord. We will have a special #meetup-market channel available during the meetup to facilitate deals located in our discord.

As always this will be an entirely community focused event; though we will be announcing sponsors over the next month and a half, all their contributions are put directly into your experience at the meetup. Currently our sponsors include:
- Ducky Channel
- ZealPC
- Alpha Keycaps
- Primecaps
- Badger Cables

If you are interested in sponsoring please contact one of the following on Discord: YourLovelyUncle#8100 - Subluxe#0001 or reach us at our e-mail:

For more details be sure to check the website at:
And stay tuned to our Discord, for all your updates and to get involved with other enthusiasts in your community :)
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