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A not so cheap clicky keyboard for a brit
« on: Sat, 08 March 2008, 15:31:06 »
A couple of weeks of use from two second hand mechanical keyboards I've now got a model M that I feel ambiguous about, a wonderful dell that's got a broken shift key and a strong desire to avoid going back to a rubber dome keyboard.

While the dell is nice and I'd happily find another if I was only using it for writing/coding. However I like gaming too and the dell does suffer from the usual key blocking.

So I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard with n-key rollover that I like. Price isn't really an issue, but there are a few points I could use help or guidance on to narrow down the choices.

1. Apart from the raptor K1 are there any mechanical keyboards with a UK layout that advertise full n-key rollover?

2. I do like the Dell AT102W with black alps I've got now, but alps apparently aren't made any more. Which cherry switch is likely to be closest to the feel of the dell? Are there any other similar switches I should watch out for?

3. Does anyone own a Cherry G80-3000, G80-1800 or a Raptor-gaming K1? I'd like to find out the following:
*Do the G80s have full n-key rollover support? Or even better than normal support?
*How usable is the layout on the G80-1800/K1?
*What colour are the LEDs on the G80s?

4. How much difference is key action is there between two different keyboards that use the same switch?

5. There doesn't happen to be a spacesaver version of the Dell AT102W does there? ;)

I've sent some e-mails off to various vendors so between the replies to them and this marvellous forum I'll hopefully find a keyboard that I'll be happy with for the next 10-15 years.
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