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Is someone here, who quit the hobby and is only lurking now?

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We know the memes "It's a money grave" "you can't stop" "it's an addiction" "it's a rabbithole". From my very own experience I can tell: This is all true (to a degree).
So did anybody really quit? I'm trying to slow things down, because too much other stuff is going on in my life, but it's really hard. Since I never smoked, I can't really compare this, but I feel like this is like quitting for a nicotine addict.

It's pretty natural for people to lose interest in hobbies, especially ones that are as materialistic as keyboards can be. I'm still wanting keyboards, but I doubt I will be actively purchasing keyboards in a few years, cause there really is only a few things I really want from this hobby. I'll definitely still be in the hobby if it's around (which I feel it will still be), like helping people or still rebuilding or building boards for other people (and of course resin for me)
plus I will probably still be talking to a lot of the cool people I have met in this hobby.

I feel like if you want to regain your passion in this hobby, you will need to engage more with in the diy aspect of the hobby. Creating cases - handwiring etc. If you've done that and you're still not fulfilled, just move onto something that you feel is worth your time, there really is no shame about it.

I don't really think a nicotine addiction is a very good comparison, it's not like keyboards chemically alter your brain to want more keyboards or something like that.

I have rotated hobbies for several decades.  The only one I revisited for a few years with additional purchases was my watch collecting… oh, and did buy a specific high end knife after I finally won the maker’s “lottery” after a 4 year wait from my last purchase in the hobby (I could see me doing similar if/when I would get selected for a Key Cult raffle).  I still very much enjoy most of the pieces from most of the hobbies I collected over the years.  There was some downsizing in some hobbies to bare essential grail pieces, like with my camera hobby.

I currently have 7 keyboards (after having given one of my HHKB’s to my son) + waiting on 2 groupbuys (with one also including a numpad).  At this point I feel pretty satiated with keyboards, but pretty much enjoy all the keyboards I own and am glad I dabbled in this hobby, and will continue practicing my typing skills (with my speed having doubled in 3/4 a year and near 100% accuracy).  I imagine I’ll check out KB forums from time to time as I do revisit forums from other hobbies from time to time.  It is interesting how varied forum cultures are, depending what is being collected.  Probably the culture that is most particular that I have trouble getting along with is the snowblower collecting community.  They are crazy opinionated with lots of rules about what can and cannot be said.

Thank you two for sharing your thoughts on this topic. A snowblower community? OMG there really is nothing on this world that can't be turned into a hobby :D

For me the most time consuming part of the keyboard hobby is research. Searching for the next best thing, researching on others ideas and how they work out. Of course building stuff your self can be pretty time consuming too, but there is just sooooo much to discover. I mean how many switches are out there?!

Let’s just say I’ve spent much more money on fountain pens than keyboards.  At least my vacuum collection helps keep my house clean.

At a certain point my knowledge has become satiated on some hobby aspects, I mean how much can one learn about stabilizers? then Norbauer re-invents them  :confused: , but agree one can become obsessive about learning the nuances.  I do feel like I have come close to reaching the end of the internet on some topics I obsess about.


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