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Mandolin Awesome sculpture

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We already saw it man

It's got hair now. I ended the other item to finish it properly and here it is.


--- Quote ---    Epic face.
    Awesome mustache
    Deadly eyebrows
    Disgusting dreadlocks
    Precious Vicuna (mustache), Guanaco (dreadlocks) and alpaca hairs (eyebrows)!
    Golden poop.
    Hand Painted, hand made, just awesome.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---My take on it's appearance differs from Saturnus like imaging. He, as a God, might have a powerful expression that conveys emotion worthy of a god, nonetheless he is of manure.
The God of creamy butt nuggets, as he ****s all day long, without measure of a doubt should have a ****ting expression, that some might call it a "fart face" (like he gambled on a fart and lost).
It's just the way it is.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---The God of creamy butt nuggets
--- End quote ---

Will it get me chicks?


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