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[CLOSED] Ergodox Classic Acrylic w/ Cherry MX Blues and Blank DSAs


tl;dr; assembled ergodox for auction, free shipping worldwide -

A programmer who shall remain nameless asked me to buy and build an ergodox kit in the January GB at massdrop for him. I did so accepting some risk, cash out of my pocket. His personal situation prevents him from acquiring this item and it's a shame as it is mint. Who wants it?

If the auction earns me anything above my costs I'll take that as I sign to buy and build a few more. At this time I just appreciate anyone taking this off my hands to get me back to the break-even point.

NB: The left hand ended up with reverse polarity diodes so the colscan switch has been enabled in the firmware. It is preloaded with QWERTY from Ben Blazak's github and tested to ensure all keys are 100% working.


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