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Welcome to the Group Buy thread for SA Recall from me and ThatTravL.

If you would like to learn about the inspiration, click MORE. Otherwise, scroll down for the keyboardy stuff.
Set the mood with some tunes.
The smell and feel of hot vinyl seats that have been baking in the sun all day. The static and tinny sound of the AM radio. Paul Harvey's voice and The Beach Boys in mono sound. Being crammed into the back seat, watching the road emerge from under the car. Watching dad change gears and sticking your hand out the window and making it "fly" just to pass the time.
Our childhood was filled with these memories thanks to a relatively crummy car: the Ford Pinto Station Wagon. Memories aren’t perfect, and neither was the Pinto.
Developed and released in 1971 as a strong competitor to smaller, fuel-efficient cars, this car was meant to appeal to the budget-oriented consumer. Fast-forward to 1978: after a fuel crisis and Recalls, this car got a special edition trim: The Cruising Wagon. Only 15,000 out of 10 million of these cars were made in order to appeal to the aging muscle car generation in an effort to help them Recall their youth by looking sporty...while still only managing to put out 90-100 horsepower and getting 20 to 30 miles per gallon.
To gearheads, the Pinto has been a joke with its own punchline. It’s a car that was hated and feared amongst the public and adored by only the very few. Our father was the proud owner of a ‘76 regular wagon in blue. He had used it for everything from road trips to hauling calves. He loved the Pinto so much he bought his eldest son (ThatTravL) a ’77 wagon in banana yellow.

Many years later, we've started to miss these cars, what they were, and how special they truly were to us...even if we didn't understand it as children. We also coveted the rarest of the rarest trim and the inspiration of the colors for this set. SA Recall is a celebration of our childhood. It's essentially a way for us to Recall the best memories of times gone past. We hope it helps you ask the question, "what memories do I want to Recall?"


Profile: SA
Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Sculpt: 1-1-2-3-4-3
Legends: Double Shot
Plastic: ABS
GB dates: December 18 - Jan 15
Estimated Shipping to Customers: Q1 2022




With this kitting we're hoping to put larger groups of users together and price them at a higher MOQ to drive the traditional
pricing of SA down to a more affordable level. Please provide your feedback in the IC form linked at the top and bottom of this thread.

We're hoping to accommodate the most popular layouts with this kit. TKL, 75%, 65%, and 60%.

The idea here is to have our common 40s friends, (admittedly basic support) ISO users, and Alice/split spacebar friends help each other
with a mutually beneficial kit instead of having marginally cheaper kits with less in them.

Numpad and 1800 support. Pretty straightforward.

Obviously the gradient is different here and in the Ergo kit below. We tried an awful lot to keep consistency of the downward and upward
angles shown in the base but ultimately decided that aesthetically this works better. Plus, it's actually still true to the inspiration
since the back stripes are horizontal on the body.

Honestly, I'm not too familiar with ergo layouts but I love the idea of being as inclusive as possible and I haven't yet offered ergo
support for a set I've done. As with everything else, please provide any feedback in the form.




Here's everything in one place.





-US: NovelKeys
-AUS: Daily Clack
-CAN: Desk[H]ero
-ASIA: zFrontier
1.11.2021 - All kits will be made confirmed. No exact numbers at this time, sorry about that!
2.15.2021 - Added sales numbers - thanks dvorcol!
3.11.2021 - Updated estimated shipping date to Q1 2022
Our father, Merritt, who seemed to always find joy in things unappreciated or un-loved
-My poor, poor wife and children...thank you for not leaving me yet
-Shout out to the Beckums for helping me make new memories to recall
-The community for putting a smile on my face every day of the week
-Abec for patience with renders, color adjustments, kitting, and putting up with crap
-OCM for file help - you're a true G
-Chewwy, jnlybean, grindbox, and toki for feedback
-bhk, capsy, füll, lbaron, urban, and vox for continued love and support
-The GMK Yugo crew for teaching us you can make a rockin' keycap set inspired by a less-than-rockin' car
-Konstantin for the amazingly detailed information on what should be added to support more exotic layouts, specifically 40s and split spacebar boards. We may have not used all of it, but we used a LOT of it. Huge huge thank you.


If you’d like to support the set, feel free to add this to your signature:

--- Code: ---[url=][img][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

Thank you so much for looking through <3


Oooooo I need to figure out which kits I need hahaha. Knowing my indecisiveness I'll probably pick up all of them  ;D

Been anxiously awaiting this GB!  Did we get a "Recall" backspace key?

Best vintage-car–inspired set of late 2020! ;)

Best of luck with the GB <3


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