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[GB] Eclipse - gasket mount, FRL custom keyboard (Extras in-stock)

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Mods: Let me know if anything is up/missing from this and I will fix it asap.

E c l i p s e
by snurrebassen
Discord | Instagram

Hello and welcome to the GB page for the Eclipse!

I've been working on this for well over a year. It started as a 40% "Mini TKL" project just for fun, but ended up with a more versatile keyboard, aimed for the keyboard enthusiasts who don't necessarily delve as deep as the 40% sizes.

It features a seamless design with a shell-like top part, covering a solid bottom part with an Eclipse-inspired weight. The two aluminium parts are dampened with 6 silicone gaskets for the bottom part and a sheet of silicone hugging the plate and covering the top part, for a soft and flexible typing feel. With a 7-degree typing angle, this keyboard will hopefully be used by those who can't say no to dedicated arrow keys, but still like to keep the layout and size to an elegant minimum.

- January 2024 - GB orders are shipped. Units produced: 150 + some extras.

Please let me know if you still haven't received yours. Extras are in-stock with
But I should mention that there are some issues concerning fulfillment (of unrelated GBs) but it should not affect in-stock items.

Plate files are on github

Long story short:

I started this project being a newbie to keyboard design and manufacturing, so I didn't feel I had a solid and confident foundation to lean on. I collaborated with mykeyboard because I had no experience with logistics, payment and business in general.

As most customers of the Eclipse GB know, this has been a pretty bumpy ride. I just want to make it as clear as possible that I'm deeply saddened by the turn of events of this project and I apologize for anyone who literally lost money, even after having received their refunds due to the long delays and currency differences. Some customers still haven't received their refunds yet due to mykeyboard's financial situation.

I stumbled upon a great summary by Poes in their discord server, which explains roughly how they ended up here:

* pre-covid large demand small supply
* covid boom large demand and many gb's, so vendors bought tons of extra's and customers just bought everything thinking "I can cancel or sell at a profit anyway". Vendors thought the sky is the limit.
* many of these extra's could not be paid for with funds from the gb itself but were either not paid or paid for with revenue from another gb
* too many projects in general ran during covid boom (or at the very least; too many projects taken on by vendors, no cherry picking whatsoever)
* production for especially gmk took longer than anticipated
* market crashed after covid boom, prices declined, people started cancelling orders
* projects were getting finished but weren't paid yet, so they stayed on the shelf of manufacturer without a clear reason to customers, so more cancellations


► Gasket mount ◄
► Seamless ◄
► Indicator LEDs ◄
► Centered USB-port ◄
► 7 degree typing angle ◄

The Eclipse will come with the choice of either a blocked or a standard top, and an adaptable PCB which supports both ANSI and ISO, with options for split backspace, split right-shift, tsangan and a split spacebar bottom row.

The kit will consist of:
- Top case
- Bottom case
- Brass weight (sandblasted and coated)
- PC/POM Plate
- Daughterboard
- Solderable PCB

The PCB is compatible with both ANSI and ISO, with mods such as split right shift, split backspace and bottom rows such as tsangan and split spacebar (2.75x1.25x2.25).

Note: Physical colors of the cases might vary from the 3D rendered images.

Colors to choose from will be:
- Dark Grey
- Green
- Lilac
- E-White

Prototype photos:

Dark grey

Dark grey with GMK Oblivion by Oblotsky

Note: Prototype color only, will not be part of the GB raffle.

Typing test on POM

Assembly video

Typing video 1, tactiles


The price for a kit is: 390EUR.

Optional (additional) parts are:
Extra PCB / 45EUR
Extra PC/POM Plate / 35EUR
Extra Brass plate / 41EUR
Extra stainless steel weight (mirror polished) / 65EUR

The GB will be a raffle of 150 units. You can join in from anywhere in the world.

The raffle for this keyboard unfortunately passed (May 31st, 2021), since I was too late to post this GB thread. (I had no idea it took so long for it to be approved  :'( )

This thread will be used for information and updates regarding the production of the units that was raffled.

Huge thanks to:
- w3bb0 for helping me start this project and for the original PCB design
- David at
- Full for general support and aid
- persocom for general support and aid
- All you supporters and commenters of my posts and being active in my discord server
- Poesjuh for the build stream and rose gold prototype photo

I tend to forget minor/important information out of these things at first so let me know what I've left out and I will answer and add it here.

I keep my discord updated first - then geekhack for bigger updates.


Here's the latest:

GB units are finally shipping - extras will be ready in December!

Long story short:

After the cases were finished from the factory, the original PCB manufacturer who was expected to produce the PCBs had gone awol. For reasons unknown to me, there were no attempts to try to find an alternative PCB manufacturer during the time the cases were being made so this process started a while after the cases had arrived at MKEU's warehouse.
The new PCB manufacturer took their time with checking files, back and forth - way longer than expected. At one point we should have changed supplier but I guess the MKEU team thought we were in too deep to change at that time - my guess is this was because of a shortage of mcus for the PCBs and MKEU having a certain kind in-stock with said factory, but don't take my word for it, I have no details on these things.

Once the new supplier shipped the full amount of PCBs to MKEU, they discovered a fatal mistake with the files - leaving no option but to have them redo the PCBs. This took another few months to complete and the current status is that these are now on their way to MKEU, due to be picked up this week. The reason that these seemingly simple steps are taking so long is most likely due to MKEU's liquidity problems during the past year. As per an update posted a few months ago, MKEU got new owners of the company and they seem to be slowly working towards getting up to speed with refunds, support tickets and other issues.

I received one of the sample PCBs of this final batch, along with a Lilac unit - so there will be some new photos and videos posted soon. For the time being Tom and the team at the MKEU HQ will be checking and packing the orders the following weeks and we should see them shipping out very soon.

When it comes to the question about your requests for refunds - If you still haven't heard about your request, I think the best thing is to just try and reach customer support at again and ask if they can process it, before it ships. There might be a huge backlog of refunds with them right now due to all the delays and issues.

I completely understand it if you have requested a refund for Eclipse, and I sincerely hope you get it back with no big ordeal. That being said, I'm really happy with the result, seeing the finished product and I hope you will reconsider :)

Here are some pictures of the Lilac unit with GMK Monochrome:


Approved :thumb: Unfortunately the raffle window has passed, but snurrebassen would like the thread maintained for updates.

I need this in my life. Please let me join!


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