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[IC] PBTfans Pelican ---IN STOCK SALE--- 09/21/2023 Updates

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[IC] PBTfans Pelican
"I got a beak that would fill everything"

09/21/2023 Updates:
- - - - - - - IN STOCK SALE - - - - - - -
Pelican will be launched globally on Sep 22, 2023

Shots by @ JunW


EU: Keygem
South Korea: Geonworks
Nordics/EU: MaxGaming
Worldwide: KBDfans

SpecsMaterial: ABS material
Profile: Cherry profile
Production Method: Doubleshot
Packaging: ABS keycaps tray with designed tray cover

PriceBase $99

Numpad $19

Spacebar $18

40s $29

International $29

Alu Artisan $29

Resin Artisan $55 (Pre-sale)

Pelican Deskmat $15

Running Pelican Deskmat $15

Real Shots
Shots by @ ZJay

Shots by @ JunW

More Details:
Instagram   KBDfans   Zfrontier

Past updates:
IC Form
MoreIt's my pleasure if I got your attention with this project, thank you in advance if there are any suggestions or comments you would like to share.
The email address won't be collected for other purposes, please feel satisfied to share your opinions.

08/10/2023 Updates:

More1. Final round color matching confirmed.

The Final material of this design is set to ABS to capture the color match better.
(Pictures in real life)

2. The metal artisan is changed from R3 to R1 profile.

3.  New deskmat added.

4. New render pictures are added.

(Click for more kits renders)

5. Packaging design completed

6. Project progress
MOQ 500 reached.
Scheduled the In stock sale in September 2023 at KBDfans

7. A few layout changes based on the actual prototype I got.

Waiting for update
1. Awaiting on some pictures from DELLY KEY and upcoming Artisan prototype.
2. Awaiting on the actual base kit for photos.

03/30/2023 Updates:
More1. Received the color card
Pictures were taken outdoors and indoors.

The beige of the third one is inconsistent with the ideal effect and will be replaced with a lighter and whiter color.

2. project progress
Currently making the molds of the novelties.

3. Kits renders updated and adjusted

Hello again, this is Oay :) :) :) I'm glad to bring my brand new keycap design with a Pelican theme this time.

Pelicans (genus Pelecanus) are a genus of large water birds that make up the family Pelecanidae.They are characterized by a long beak and a large throat pouch used for
catching prey and draining water from the scooped-up contents before swallowing. (Source from Wikipedia )

The colorway inspiration was captured from the Pelican standing on the lake at sunset.
I pick yellow to represent its significant beak, black and beige for the feather, and pink for unnoticeable details.
The Pelican looks so good under the sunset, providing a remain aloof-from-the-world vibe without opening its beak.

Let us admire the birds. :D
Kits Renders
(Click for larger image)

I have changed the novelties design back and force for a few times to provide more pelican details in this final version.

During the design phase, I suddenly snapped an idea based on how similar the alpha area looks to a Pelican throat pouch.
So I decided to switch the R1 number roll to full of yellow with an eye and  pelican webs to make your keyboard seems like a Pelican staring at you lol
(Click for more kits renders)

1u metal keycap


(Click for larger image)


PBTfans will produce this set, and I will pick the final material from either PBT or ABS,
depending on which one will display the colorway better.
At last, a special thanks to KBDfans Holmes, who provided this funny meme idea.
I hope you are all going to enjoy it!


Worldwide: KBDfans
Other: TBD

GB ScheduleTBD


OtherThe keycap pictures above are rendered.
Due to the difference in different monitors, the color may be slightly different from the final product.
 I have tried my best to stay close to the color chart when rendering.

Thanks for seeing the end, I will update here if there is any progress in the follow-up.
If you have any feedback or advice, please fill in the IC form to tell me.

It's really beautiful. I will try to choose my own model!
cookie clicker

Mr Chrome:
Eye + yellow numrow kinda hot, nice work :thumb:
When swallow is forbidden  :eek:

sheesh hot colors


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