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[GB] LM60 V2 - 60% - Now with back weight

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[GB] LM60 V2 - 60% WK WKL HHKB rubber/tadpole mount

Now with back weight!

LM60 update with thin borders and tadpole/rubber soft mount

Mount type

Tadpole from Geonworks (will be included - MOQ 40 sets)

Mount Shock Absorption Balls - used in drones (will be included)

Silicone wire seals - Little more flex than above option (will be included)

Alternatively It can be top mount using 8x M3 screws.

The plate


Top Aluminum
Bottom Aluminum
Side RGB led light through Polycarbonate (no RGB available)
Case Angle: 6.5 degrees
Mounting: Silicone Tadpole from Geonworks or Rubber Shock Absorption Balls
Case Material: 6063 aluminum
Making process: CNC - sandblast - anodizing
Front Height: 19 mm
Back Height: 21 mm (with chamfer) and 32 mm (before chamfer)
Weight: ~1400g and ~1800g (mounted with brass plate)
Plate:  Aluminum, Brass, FR4 (PBT on demand)
PCB Compability: GH60 style (GH60, DZ60, BM60, etc) for LM60 V2; DZ65RGB and BM65RGB (and others) for LM65 V2


We made in this color because the factory just offered black or this for the sample.

Without PC inserts, but it will be included. No hole for RGB is available too.

What will be included

- LM60 V2 Top
- LM60 V2 Bottom
- Plate
- Stainless screws
- Silicone Rubber Mounts (Mount Shock Absorption Balls)
- Tadpole from geonworks (if MOQ 40 sets sold)
- Silicone Rubber feets
- Polycarbonate inserts for the RGB pockets

Timeline and fulfillment date

Nov/Dec: 14-05 Group Buy
Dec/Jan: Production
Jan/Feb: Shipment (Will be available: Aliexpress forwarding, Fedex/DHL and Germany forwarding to EU).


One set USD 140.00
Two sets USD 235.00
Thee sets USD 325.00

Solder PCB USD 25.00
Solder PCB with RGB underglow USD 28.00
Hotswap PCB (with RGB Underglow by strip) USD 30.00
130pcs Hotswap pin sockets 1.5mm USD 15.00

Extra plate USD 20-30.00

Order Link (the payment is processed by PayPal)

(For two and three sets - contact us for color and options)

The second order option: Pay 30% in advance (PayPal) and others 70% more shipping by Aliexpress link when your LM60 V2 is done, before the shipment.


Eng. David Martinz - LM Keyboards
daviddgm at gmail

Approved :thumb:

Killer!  What layouts does the plate allow?

I think it support all layouts. I have added the plate drawing image. Thank you.

--- Quote from: ampp33 on Thu, 30 March 2023, 16:36:46 ---Killer!  What layouts does the plate allow?

--- End quote ---

I want one :thumb:


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