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you can snag yourself a set by clicking here.

Hello there, welcome to the RGBEnglish! This set started off as a simple, silly idea based on other busy language sets. I wanted to use brighter colors as opposed to matching the stock GMK colors that are often used for RGB kits. The set is dyesub PBT, using PKaps as a manu. It's been in the works for almost a year now, and it's finally time to make it public!

Pre-order starts NOW! Buy from your regional vendor below! ETA to you is q4 2023! This set has been paid for upfront and will begin production before the end of the pre-order period!

NA: ParamountKeebs
EU: Keygem
UK: Prototypist
OCE: Allcaps
Asia: Hex.keyboards

Vendors will be updated once they go live. This set is planned to be IN STOCK a few months after the pre-order period.

This set will be ONE giant base kit covering most everything from ortho to 40's to as big as they may get.

Serendipity by Dededecline

TGR 910 by Yutski

w1-at by Geon

Real life photos of 3rd round of photos, these are the once you will be recieivng!

Adware by Chickenman

Brane by Blind Panda

MB44 by Melonbred

Chickenman, Smokey, and Obama for keeping me in check and ensuring this set is able to cross the finish line!
Customs for collectively brainstorming the idea
OCM for the graphical assistance with the render files
Dededecline for the kitting help
Zetina for the amazing renders and being fast and professional just the best around
Anybody else I may have missed, you're all awesome


If these work with 3d glasses, I'm sold

all vendors are live!



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