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[GB May 4] Cloudnine 60% - A True Happy Typing Keyboard by Machina

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Always love to see true HHKB boards!

Also +1 for EU Proxy.


I wouldn't personally choose this name, as it has already been taken.


--- Quote from: Cipulot on Sun, 05 November 2023, 10:43:57 ---I'm personally a big fan of cool machining patterns :cool: and the fact that it's True HHKB makes it even better (screw 7u HHKB  :p)
IDK if possible but I can see some people wanting the ripple w/o the diamond but I don't mind it at all tbh.

GL with IC  :thumb:

--- End quote ---

Thank you! It's always hard to please everyone with a logo. I will see how the IC form goes :)

I like this hhkb-like arrangement very much

true hhkb good

price estimate?  :-X


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