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[GB] GMK CYL Beloved | 11 Nov - 11 Dec

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GMK CYL Beloved
Re-run of GMK KA2017.
A little backstory. When I first started in the hobby, my girlfriend didn't want me to spend money on keyboards. She'd beat my ass every time she caught me, and yet I still do it. So I decided to lure her into the hobby by showing her cute artisans, keycaps, boards then I showed her this set and she loved it. She really wanted it, but it was very expensive. So we just gave up on getting it. Around 3 months later I contacted OG runner and finally got his/her permission. My gf will be very happy that I do this, so I can spend more money on keyboards hehe.

IC Thread

GB: 11 Nov (Singles Day) - 11 Dec
Estimated Delivery: Q3 2024

$130 Base @250 MOQ
$30 Novelties @150 MOQ
$45 Hangul @100 MOQ
$20 Deskmat

Material - ABS
Legends - Doubleshot
Colors - WS1, Pink (Matched to KA2017.)

US: Switchmod Keyboards
EU: Oblotzky Industries
SEA: iLumkb
OCE: Daily Clack
UK: Prototypist
CA: Ashkeebs
CN: zFrontier (CN) / zFrontier (EN)
KR: KLC Playground

Although R5 adds cost to base kit price, I personally prefer R5 and I think it's worth it.
Bars kit will not be included. Letís help vendors move their deadstock.


My friend lent me his KA2017 to replicate the novelties, but unfortunately he lost a key.
Thanks to trungminhtp, he sent me a picture of his set. So I can draw it more accurately.

Board Renders

TGR Jane V2 CE by yuktsi

Nyawice by hali

Onyx by funderburker

Horsey by hali
(6u and Alice bars are not included. I just like how it looks on boards, but you can find them easily from GMK BOW.)

TKL sized (394 x 160 mm)
Buy from vendors or download and make it yourself. I don't give a damn.

Artisan Collabs
Namong Art
Sandun Art
Della Key
Anthony Works
Toycap Studio


Pictures by by skyworth

Pictures by trungminhtp

Pictures by 瓜皮皮。

Discord server
Support this project by idk reply something to this thread, so more people see this I guess.
MoreThanks xiaodian317 for letting me re-run this set <3.
Thanks trungminhtp for helping me and putting up with my questions.
Thanks Alessio and kyuut for suggestions.
Thanks Pump my friend who lent me his set.
Thanks Izeri for cool renders.
Thanks vendors for trusting this project.
Thanks my gf for being cute

Approved :thumb:

PSA to prospective buyers:
Group Buys are inherently risky endeavors. There is an element of risk involved with collecting payment before the item has been produced and resulting uncertainty during manufacturing / subsequent operations. We urge all GB organizers to consider (and document) these risks, and want to make it clear to all who consider purchasing that these risks are present.

If you are unfamiliar with the Group Buy model, please read this primer - Group Buy FAQ / Buying Guidelines

This PSA is new and will become standard on all Group Buys moving forward. It is not posted on this GB in isolation and is not singling this organizer out in particular as someone to be wary of.

Excited to support my favorite B-rated vendor with this set :thumb:


--- Quote from: Hoobreezy on Fri, 10 November 2023, 16:03:55 ---Excited to support my favorite B-rated vendor with this set :thumb:

--- End quote ---
krelbit is a cool lad. :thumb:



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