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Hi @everyone


This is made in S.KOREA

Winkeyless & Winkey

◎ Aluminum case(Top+Bottom)
◎ 9 Deg typing angle
◎ Brass weight (Finished : nickel plating + UV printed)
◎ Switch plate (MX only) : TOP Mount
◎ PCB :  USB Type-C, VIA (IF87.5, 1.6mm,  Solder & Hot-swap from Mechlovin)
         ▷ Hot-swap : only ansi

◆ Kit includes
  ▷ 1x Case
  ▷ 1x Brass weight
  ▷ 1x Switch plate
       (not include pcb n acrylic diffuser)

◇ Case (Anodized)
  ▷ Black
  ▷ Silver
  ▷ Red
  ▷ Gray
  ▷ Dark Green
        color samples ->

◇ Switch plate
  ▷ Alu-Black
  ▷ Alu-Silver
  ▷ Alu-Red
  ▷ PC
  ▷ STS
  ▷ FR4

◇   PCB
  ▷ Solder
  ▷ Hot swap

◇  Acrylic diffuser


Samples pic.

UV printed : Not the final sample. We will update the final sample soon.




Different depending on Order Option.
The final price is confirmed on your order.

DHL or EMS Express shipping Price (1set) with Tracking number
(Delivery may be delayed due to international shipping issues in each country.)


Order Confirm
will be update.



Order Deadline : ~10. Jan 2024

Send invoice : ~12. Jan. 2024

Payment Deadline : ~18. Jan. 2024


Production : Lead time is estimated to be 3 ~ 5 months
                Schedule changes depending on order quantity

== Notes ==

※ According to Anodized process ※

Dust less than 5points or less than 3mm on the surface exposed outside the case are
considered as normal condition and is NOT a defected product.

If missing during quality inspection, a partial refund will be made.
(However, the problem inside the case, weight part is excluded.)


Not include shipping & paypal fees


◎ Discord :

Thanks & Regards

Approved :thumb: (LZ, you might want to embed some photos in the post; little cumbersome to click through to the albums)

PSA to prospective buyers:
Group Buys are inherently risky endeavors. There is an element of risk involved with collecting payment before the item has been produced and resulting uncertainty during manufacturing / subsequent operations. We urge all GB organizers to consider (and document) these risks, and want to make it clear to all who consider purchasing that these risks are present.

If you are unfamiliar with the Group Buy model, please read this primer - Group Buy FAQ / Buying Guidelines

This PSA is new and will become standard on all Group Buys moving forward. It is not posted on this GB in isolation and is not singling this organizer out in particular as someone to be wary of.

How do I participate in the group purchase?


--- Quote from: Aixoah on Thu, 30 November 2023, 01:57:12 ---How do I participate in the group purchase?

--- End quote ---

Fill out the order form for the link
Please refer to the schedule.
Payment is made using PayPal. THX

As Alexotos pointed out will it use Philips head screws or will it use hex screws?


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