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Hey guys,

I had a lot of time to waste recently and learned how to calculate springs and related stuff thanks to the help of a local spring company. I got this idea when I received some third party springs from Korea and a few from red MX switches.

Now the spring I came up with has a total force of 50g, but obviously activates earlier when used in a linear switch. Due to being based on the Cherry red spring the feel is very similar to Cherry reds, but still a tad smoother. I have a few of the first prototype springs and they feel great in black switches. Smooth as butter and activating at around 42g in actual usage. I have not yet tried them in browns or blues, but I assume they will make the switch a bit smoother too. They turn clears into "light browns" with a slightly more tactile point. Very interesting.

If you always wanted a ghetto Cherry red board but were too poor/greedy to sacrifice 87/104/105 Cherry browns, here is your chance.

Anyway, would anyone else be interested in a massorder on these?

The price would be around $12~15 for a set of 120 springs including worldwide shipping. I calculated out 120 to fit most boards and allow for some damaged/lost springs.
Production time is 2-3 weeks and shipping would be from Germany.
Ideally we would need around 30 people, but we can also order with less since I'm willing to cover more of the cost on my own since I love the feel of these and need more than the few prototypes I have.

If you are interested in purchasing a set of springs please reply with how many sets you would want. Due to limited internet access I will edit the post whenever I am able to do so.

i'm not a cherry modder, but i'm here to encourage you... BIG thumbs up, sixty! :D :D

I'd purchase a couple sets.

That's cheaper than killing my 8963 for switches =O

I don't currently have a board for them to go into, but a tentative yes on one set.

Out of curiosity, can they do springs with ~40g of force for about 2/3 of the spring, increasing to ~70+ (possibly growing) for the last thirdish? Basically, light until after the actuation point, then increased/increasing to give some tension before bottoming out. Trying something like that seems like it could be very interesting.

just asking, is it possible for them to make conical springs? or lighter springs for buckling spring keyboards?


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