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[MO] The Geekhack Spring for switch modding (~50g)

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--- Quote from: ripster;313662 ---Like I have posted multiple times if the design goal was a slightly stiffer Red Cherry I'd be interested.  But a supposedly "smoother" blue/brown cherry seemed a bit nebulous.
--- End quote ---

I agree on that. 65g springs would be just about perfect.

This spring still has a use - I believe it would be right at home in a variable weighted Ergo Clear mod.

I'll PM Sixty and see if I can do anything with the information he's nabbed.

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--- Quote from: ripster;365214 ---I think the design goal should be a spring lighter than a Blue/Brown/Red spring.  A "smoother" spring seems a bit touchy feely for me.
--- End quote ---

Agreed, but how light would you want to go? Lots of people complain about ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and aaaaaaaaaaa with the 35g switches in their topres.

Having said that, I think that everybody would go mental over some 35g (if put in browns or reds) springs. Would make blues and ergo clear lites 40g each which would be interesting.

I'm definitely interested. Post back here when you get the details.

I did a quick google and there appears to be a number of different sources online. It may be easier to send samples of MX brown springs to some of these companies and get estimates for cloning the spring, rather than designing a new one.

Also, I think that it's likely that someone already has a large stock of springs of suitable specifications already. The springs seem to be a standard size - it's just a matter of finding the right supplier.

If the spring is to be lighter, I don't think it should be lighter by much. It is possible to cut down MX brown springs to make them lighter. The problem is that an expensive keyboard needs to be sacrificed to do this.


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