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leopold FC200R

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since im back in Korea and able to get Leopold FC200R. Tentatively the cost will be about $150 shipped to USA/CANADA. If theres like 10 orders(of whatever keyboards) and above then it will be good to go. Leopold FC200R are available in Black/Blue/Brown cherry MX and also Korean/English/Blanks.

After speaking to leopold, full sized FC300R/FC500R are in production now and may be available after 10th march. Look here for updates.

Realforce 87U/UBs are available too.

Nice.  Why don't you scope out what all is available (maybe even take some pics).  I think you will definitely have some takers here.

Can you get anything with cherry reds?


--- Quote from: keyboardlover;301713 ---Can you get anything with cherry reds?
--- End quote ---

Not at the moment.

why does this need to be a group buy?  cant you walk into the store and just buy one?

are you getting some sort of bulk discount?


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