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leopold FC200R

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I think he is wanting groups of 10 for convenience.  Better to do it in groups instead of heading to the store each time another member decides they want one.

Damn...majestouch better hurry up!

Anyone know the difference between the 200r/300r/400r/500r?

I have the 200r atm, but I do find myself reaching for the non-existent num-pad sometimes..

Could be in for one!!


--- Quote from: ripster;301846 ---I dunno.

I'm still trying to figure out why Majestouch doesn't stock the Realforce 104U instead of the older 103U (I shouldn't pile it on but can't resist).

If I were you guys I'd go grab me a Realforce 87U from Leopold.  They have PLENTY of them.
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately those are not uniform weighted.

For some reason the:
"Velvet/lush feel typing"
turns me off.. sounds too sensual


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