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Gauging Interest for Noppoo Choc Mini Group Buy

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I'd be interested in one with brown switches.

I'm surprised there's only three people interested in this groupbuy? These get snatched up pretty quickly in the classifieds, I don't see why nobody would want new ones for cheaper.

May be you should change the title with said price for more attention :P

I'm in for 1 keyboard w/ blue switches. I live in Canada. Thanks for the offer .XL.

placebo guy:
Put me down for 1 KB w/ blue switches.

.XL - It's Thursday and everyone is getting their Naruto fix. ;)

So that's 6 people in so far (5 definites). If I get enough, I'll post the buy thread on March 31st (I'd say April 1st, but then you'd all think I was joking! I'm not, BTW).


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