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Interest Check for Blank Colored Modifiers (modeled after

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Update 2:

Due to the substantial difference between lettering and blank. This will be a group buy for blank keys (shift, alt, and control)

I understand if you want to back out. Please log your interests however if you would like to purchase a set of blank modifiers.

However, I won't mind leading the group buy for the white lettering if enough people log their interests for that.

P.S. pricing for black lettering is the same as the pricing for white lettering

Pricing Update:

Pricing for blank keycaps is as follows:

25 sets          $26.98 / set
50 sets          $15.21 / set
75 sets          $11.63 / set
100 sets        $9.85 / set
150 sets        $8.06 / set
200 sets        $7.16 / set

Pricing Update:

Pricing for this set of 6 keys with white lettering is as follows:

25 sets          $52.00 / set
50 sets          $28.53 / set
75 sets          $21.38 / set
100 sets        $17.80 / set
150 sets        $14.22 / set
200 sets        $12.43 / set

1. Alt and Control Modifiers will be 1.25 sized so they can fit Filco/Das/Ducky.
2. 2 Shift keys sizes: 2.25 and 2.75, standard Filco/Das/Ducky

Colors will be:
RR for Control
VCS/VCM for Shift
BFN for Alt

- Feel free to make color suggestions.
- special thanks to Dox for keycap sizes =]


Credits to for good picture and keycap design


Signature Plastics Colors

Credits to fssbzz for this


Looks more like BFN to me, but the white balance might be off.

Count  me in for 2 of each, as long as they are suitable for my FLICO Majestouch 2. BTW how much do you think it will cost this time to ship to Australia?

I'm interested, how will this look on a filco? are the size of the modifier's correct for the 87 key board? Any chance font/character layout could match Round 3? or have the option to get a set that matches round 3 MO?

Will the Alt and Control keys be 1.25 (as on a Filco, Leopold, etc.) or 1.5 (as in the photo) keys wide? Also how much will this cost me?


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