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PBT 104 Engraved White Keycaps

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Combining with noodles group buy

My obook agent is a slacker

I will be ordering some PBT 104 Engraved White keycaps from taobao if somebody want to join in. We can split the fee and shipping cost. I did some searches today and this seems to be the one.

I'm getting a quote for an order of 10 sets. This will be a quick group buy so get in if you want one.
Deadline is midnight Sunday 6/19 ET so we can get the keycaps quickly.
Total will be (total cost/#people) + $10 shipping from me to you.

1 weapon
2 leotnnz
3 daerid
4 jfaulken
5 placebo guy
6 reaper~
7 Mallard
8 pistolsnipe
9 redpill

Sure, why not?  I'm in.

Let's do it

count me in. pm'd:)

Yeah, I'll take one


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