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Interest check for Ducky 1087 80%. Cherry MX Brown and Blue.

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aKa Panda's Old Ducky Of Doom

Available in Black and White.

- Seeing if anyone else is interested so we could save on shipping.

- Price will be at least $100, but expect about $150

- Red Areas will have Cherry MX Brown
- Blue Areas will have Cherry MX Blue

- White:
- Black:

I'm in for a white one.  Been eyeing these for a while now. =p

I don't quite see the advantage to mix browns and blues this way...

I think the 1087 always comes with mixed switches.  The black one I have now also have both browns and blues on it.  I could be wrong tho.

The ones available at Taobao are very expensive, the black color ones anyway. PCHOME ones are much cheaper, are there any difference?
$85 shipped

If it's the white ducky of doom then then Taobao is the only place where you can find them and ship easily.


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