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[IC]BSP Dyesubs Full sets++

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There are no prices on this interest check, there will be one later with prices after this one is over and we've gotten a quote the results from this IC.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

More info in these two threads:

Would this be like the IC being held here?

Well, that one is also ANSI without spacebar and RGB, this is that plus spacebar, ISO enter, winkey, language specific keys and bunch of other stuff (just take a look in the poll).
You will be able to use this set on just about any modern MX keyboard.

Also, the colour is not 100% certain.


--- Quote from: esoomenona on Mon, 11 March 2013, 13:41:34 ---Would this be like the IC being held here?

--- End quote ---

I would say they're two different IC's using the same company. As far as I know there was no successful attempt at merging the group buy.

Indeed, indeed. Interest is now piqued more so than that one I posted. Is the spacebar PBT as well?


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