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[IC] Japanese word for Gamer

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*Updated with mockup. Also added korean word for gamer as per suggestion.

Hello I have been dormant on this forum for awhile but I am back!

I've had an idea and am just checking interest for my 4 key proposed set.
Colours yet to be determined.
This will be my 2nd key buy, my first was the very successful shamrock key buy.

4 keys to be used for F keys (or wherever you want)

ゲ ー マ ー  ( gamer )

Each character will be on it's own key.
Keys will be doubleshots, made by Signature Plastics.

I'd be in, regardless of color. (But hopefully something unquie from past colors!)


I'd be interested for a gray on white :D

How about プログラマ for programmer? Or maybe korean equivalents too?

Gamer: 게이머
Programmer: 프로그램 제작자

I'd be up for this in any color.

Black on white, white on black, grey on white, maybe reds or blues, anything.


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