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[IC] Teal on Grey Set

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I saw this posted in another thread and i thought it would be cool to make full sets in this style with the same colors and lime green backspace. just an idea if someone else were to take it over.

I think this is a great idea!

Even if we don't end up with dyesublimated PBT like the original, I think it'd look excellent in DSA.

I can't run this as a GB, but I'd certainly be interested in buying.

So Toxic, but green on beige instead of green on black?


--- Quote from: The_Beast on Mon, 06 May 2013, 01:22:06 ---So Toxic, but green on beige instead of green on black?

--- End quote ---
Toxic isn't black... It's grey, GX I believe. Plus this is teal and lime greenish...
P.s. I'm still loving this poker.

Yeah, but without toxic's nasty green yellow on the actual caps (so not toxic) . If the OP wants a set like the picture, then it's like a deep dark green on grey besides the ugly backspace.

I'm normally reserved when it comes to caps, but I really am not a fan of toxic's color way or any yucky green like that.


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