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I've developed a love affair with the fluoropolymer bound PTFE filled substances that are dupont's krytox line. i'd like to do the same bulk purchasing everyone else has done and vend them in appropriately sized containers for lubing small machine parts and switches. however, i don't want to get stuck with two pounds and 500$ of liquid polymer. please register your interest for the greatest (low temperature low viscosity small machine) lubricant known to man here, and i'll pick up the bits and packaging.



Are you going to do a variety of weights?  I'm interested in both GPL 105 and GPL 205.

Interested in whatever you decided to go with.

I've got a decent amount at home, but I could probably do with more.  It is awesome stuff.  Once you try it, nothing feels as good.

i'm not sure yet. the problem is that you have to buy in bulk for it to make any sense, and it's 200$/lb for a single compound, so i can really only pick up the compounds that there is significant demand for. that said, 205 grease can be thinned with 105 oil (although i'm not sure what other properties the x05 series has -- i know some of them are specifically high visco for vacuum, high temp, etc., and won't give the feeling a lot of people want in their switches)...


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