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[IC] Iron man. The strongest in the history of! Set!

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The rules are simple
Shipping: I bear the freight.
Buy 1, $86.
Buy 2. $78.
Buy 3. $72.
Buy 4. $64.
Buy 5. $60.
Buy 6 -10. $55.
11 or more. $50.

Please do not misunderstand, this is the individual orders.
10 start of production. Each color.
This means you need others to buy the same color, can timely be produced.
If not, never mind. Also can do it. But the time may be a month.

A group of 10 production, not the 10 price.

 I'll probably get one or two, specially if we reach 50 for each

These look really awesome. I love the chrome/silvery Ironman.

I could probably get one if we reach the $50 price point.

yes but we could buy some together :P


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