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« on: Fri, 19 May 2017, 11:17:09 »
Hello geekhack!

I have been a wonderer on your community for quite a while and i just decided to make an account. I am from Australia and I now make cables for my beloved keeb community. I also make Micro-USB and will specialise in other cables such as JST compatible (FILCO,REALFORCE,ETC) , SDL, Coiling (very soon). I make everything from scratch and my products differ from other brands. I use high quality goods and I always ensure my cables are thoroughly checked before they get sent. I put alot of effort to ensure that everything on it looks immaculate!

So far I have made a couple of cables for my peeps in AU and I am hoping to branch out soon. I have so far made cables for RAMA, and some others on the Mechanical Keyboards Australia Facebook. Many people seem to like how I make my cables including my very heavy duty heat-shrink which makes the cable look T H I C C :D

Have a look for yourself:

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