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Looking to buy Filco, Leopolo and MKC keyCap Puller

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--- Quote ---Try and get one that's on the longer side, so that it will be able to easily 'do the splits'
--- End quote ---
Can kindly share an online link then I can have a look at it
Ebay , chines e-commerce website,,,etc ? 

This looks like the one I have:

The switch puller is crap, but the keycap puller is great.

I have another wire keycap puller that I think came with a Ducky keypad. It's fine too, but not quite as good as the above one (and with a slightly narrower reach).

While googling now, I found an identical looking one to the one I linked, on Amazon for $25, but I don't think I paid more than a few bucks for mine, which I think was also from aliexpress.

In case you're wondering, the *switch* puller side is crap because it warps easily and its pincers aren't acute and/or thin enough to easily grab the switches. This switch puller is much better:

Honestly, I have owned quite a few "store-bought" pullers and my favorite was the Leopold, probably for no particular reason other than the name.

But in recent years the one that I have used 99% of the time is the one that I bent myself. The wire is the inner wire from a TV cable and the "handle" is a gob of hot glue.

I have used 4 or 5 keycap pullers, and a few homemade ones; this one is by far the best one I have used.  It was purchased from Maxkeyboard and has their logo printed on it.  I can very easily slide it over a 1u keycap and very squarely secure it under opposing corners, holding only the very end of handle, and with no fiddling or manipulation.  This allows me to pull a keycap in about 2 seconds, and move down the row with each cap taking only 2-3 seconds.  Very fast and efficient. 

It is also great for removing modifier keycaps like a 2.75 Shift.  Slide one of the wires under a corner of the cap and with your fingers gently manipulate the other wire hook under the other corner.  The wires on this are longer and looser than others I have used which makes it very easy to use. Others are short and stiff and a pain to use- not very efficient at all, especially if you have over 100 keycaps to remove.


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