Author Topic: Recently corrupted vintage JPC collector.  (Read 351 times)

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Recently corrupted vintage JPC collector.
« on: Thu, 23 September 2021, 04:05:07 »
Heyo. I'm a long-time chipmusician, electronics enthusiast, and vintage Japanese computer collector focusing on MSX. It shouldn't be hard to figure out where the interest in keyboards came from. Truthfully, it mainly stemmed from the fact that my daily driver, a Sony HB-F1XDJ (and its relatives), are plagued by computer-killing keyboard issues, so I wanted to see if it was possible to craft a replacement keyboard for it. Through the years, I've come to own many different other models with keyboards and parts manufactured by Alps, Mitsumi, SMK, and others, and I still want to see if I can get away with eventually making complete replacements for computers with dissolving membranes, separate boards that are hard to find and difficult to repair and replace, or something new for people who have grown tired of their original, in some cases, nearly 40-year old keyboards.

My first mechanical PC keyboard was a non-backlit Full-size Ducky One (1) with MX Blues. I hated how they felt, but I still kept using it and customized it by flashing the backlit firmware and adding teal-green colored LEDs. After that I moved to an FL-ESPORTS FL980 with BOX Whites, and (just today) replaced all the switches with Pale Blues, and I'm finally satisfied.
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