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--- Quote from: ollir_ on Thu, 02 September 2021, 06:42:31 ---Have been using a Datacomp DFK-102 with blue Alps which I got few days ago.

The board and switches are in excellent shape - no friction, no binding, everything is nice and smooth.
I think the board hasn't seen too much use in its lifetime, it's not even yellowed anywhere. The left Ctrl key that IS yellowed, is from another board, because the original keycap was broken inside the slider. Prying the plastic out from the slider was easy, but the original keycap isn't usable anymore obviously.

Some keycaps had external legends drawn with a marker or something like that, and few had extra engraved legends, so I put on these Tai Hao Dolch caps on for the time being. I think they look decent on the board. If you view the image larger, you can actually see left of backspace an engraved Z-like symbol on it (the key is just \ |).

Anyway, it's a nice board. I already had Acer 6012 with transplanted blue Alps, but those switches are not in ideal condition; the difference is huge and pretty nicely demonstrated what a difference it makes having Alps switches in good condition.

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--- End quote ---

That is a nice looking keyboard :)

The Dolch contrasts very nicely with the beige case.

As of some time now I'm using two of my TKM 2021 siblings (one ANSI the other ISO) and on either place I'm test driving my newest planckDIY (the Ortholinear Chocolate Delight) im posting a picture of:

One of it's many addon features is the degrees glyph key

excited to share a bit of my joy here with this big keeb community.
From where I'm from, it's a lonely hobby being a keyboard enthusiast. not many places to go to to share that excitement.
you know,  when you type on a real good keyboard, it's like ... music, percussion music, with rhythms and melodies. you dance through the your fingertips. those steps, skips, glides, and all, it's beyond just typing words. and yeah, if you want, it's really getting sick if one can really talk about crap like this when it is actually typing on the plastic board. ....

Here's my daily driver.



GMMK, lubed Glorious Pandas with 55g slow springs in the alphanumerics and the stock 67g springs in control keys and space.
Keys I'm more likely to hit by accident than on purpose are Gateron Greens so I can hear my mistake  ;)


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