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Trouble finding replacement keycaps for my keyboard


Aka no Aka:
I have a Century Black Queen 61 key keyboard for a year now. I am currently looking for replacement caps. This particular keyboard was discontinued by Century in 2016.(I absolutely hate ABS keycaps for turning greasy, the caps looks frighteningly shiny at this point.)

I am basically wondering if it is possible to custom make a set of keycaps that:

-Supports backlit.
-None ABS material (Preferably PBT? I have seen backlit PBT caps, or any material really, other than ABS.)
-Both side and bottom print
-Price below $200. (Maybe? I could accept as high as $500 though.)
-Also, if possible, small right shift key and maybe having a Japanese layout (JIS in this case). The enter key on this keyboard is different too.

I've spent time looking around the internet and contacting people, but I have found no options just yet...
If anyone have suggestions or possible solutions for a replacement set of caps for this keyboard, please let me know! Feel free to email me!
Keyboard layout attached.



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