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Climate Runaway....

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--- Quote from: fohat.digs on Mon, 09 January 2023, 18:08:34 ---There are occasional bright spots on the horizon. This looks like one to me:

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Honestly, even just the fact that those can't burn is a massive win IMO. I ****ing hate Li-ion batteries, it's not fun when you get one catching fire on you, trust me.

Cowboys decide to take a stand.


--- Quote from: fohat.digs on Thu, 19 January 2023, 08:02:16 ---"A group of GOP Wyoming state lawmakers want to end electric vehicle sales there by 2035, saying the move will help safeguard the oil and gas industries."

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They do understand that trying to replace these industries is the whole point of this exercise, right?  :))


--- Quote from: chyros on Fri, 20 January 2023, 01:41:43 ---

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Pretty kewl article ,


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