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Who want the ROLLS ROYCE of KEYCAPS? Part 1

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I'm Abdul Lutfi, an Engineer, from Singapore.

It frustrates me to see that my absolute stringent requirements for quality, product & experience offering is highly dispersed.

Meaning, that all my requirements can only be partially fulfilled by each individual manufacturers.

Legend design & quality, Keycap Profiles & lengths offered, Build Quality, Packaging & even the Unboxing Experience which itself forms a part of the product.
Think Apple products' unboxing.

Given my strict requirements, I will have to source different parts of the keycap product from different manufacturers and hand assemble them in my house.
One for the keycaps, another for the tray, another for the box, another for the shrinkwrapping.
In doing so scrutinising for quality.

Having said that, I will have to charge maybe around $800 for a base kit along with perhaps a year of waiting.
Along with the Add-on sets, you can build a keyboard of any layout you can fathom currently on offered today.

Along the way, I will update / video log you guys on my website of my progress.

Who's willing to come along?

Part 2: After I have a website. Stay tuned.

Thing is, for something like keycaps I'm not sure handmade equals better quality, since it would be hard to get the strict tolerances machines can deliver.

Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G986B met Tapatalk

It's not a question of handmade quality but getting the best of what each manufacturer can achieve into a single package.

So for example:
the best ABS keycaps comes from gmk.
The best manufacturer that supplies the best accessorries comes from company A.
The best manufacturer for the packaging comes from a company near my place.
So I get them & "assemble" in my house/office before sending them out.

raily Rusive:
People who want the "Rolls Royce" of keycaps are likely looking for high-quality, premium keyboard keycaps that offer a luxurious look and feel. These individuals may be passionate about their computer setup and want keycaps that not only look good but also perform well, with a high-end typing experience. They may also appreciate the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into creating premium keycaps. Keycap enthusiasts and gamers may be among the group who want the "Rolls Royce" of keycaps, as they place a high value on having a stylish and functional keyboard setup.

Raily Rusive, Thank you so much for the input.

On the subject of high quality, premium keycaps:
What would deter an enthusiast from getting an all aluminum keycap set?

Is it the price, colour offerings, the "feeling" ... ?

What gives?


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