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What's with the internet today ?

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Somethin's up lots of web services going in and out intermittently maybe AWS ?

are we under atk ?

chked dns, it's not the dns

reports seem to say we are indeed under atk.

sigh... this war with rv55 has to end,   even IRAN was able to cripple us network services.  think about what Rv55 is able to do.   

it's trivially simple to break things.

by doubling down on vkra1ne, we've plunged europe into major economic recession.

it's not reported in "our" news, but there are alot of authorities in europe not happy about the way things are going.

By continuing to escalate, There is a risk that in the future, the EU and Nato may be dissolved entirely.

 The UK did the same imperialist move and look where they are now, just lapdogs for American power.

Negotiated settlement, or fight down to the last Vkrain1an.

LONG term, to defeat Rv55,  we switch to renewables.


GDI nothing's wurkn' awoeighawiohgioawjro;awjefjaw;efj;awjef

fedex trackn' no wurk

Zero problems in Tennessee today.


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