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How's your day going today?

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Good? Bad? Weird?  :)   :mad:  :confused:

Tell us about it.

My surgery (tumour extraction) has been rejected by hospital, because of my high BMI, so now I'm organising bariatric surgery to solve my lifetime problem once for all...
So, so far its been weird for me :)
How are you, noisy?

I had my third treatment with monoclonal antibodies against B-cell lymphoma yesterday, and they appear to have an effect.
The pain in my swollen knee is reduced and I no longer get fevers, which I used to get every afternoon. I feel stronger, and more ... emotionally awake.
The poo-bag on my stomach is still a chore, and I'm still underweight but with a big appetite: I can eat practically all the time if I want to, as long as it is low-fat. I sometimes even have the energy to exercise a little bit.

But today, I'm a bit jittery. I don't know if I may have overdosed on caffeine, on sugar or both... or if this is a pure emotional reaction to some kind of normalcy or to newly found boredom.

decided to challenge oneself and workout for real.


--- Quote from: phinix on Tue, 28 February 2023, 07:16:37 ---How are you, noisy?

--- End quote ---

Oh you know, ****ing horrible. Today is supposedly my birthday, but all it really is is a reminder that I've failed at every single thing I've attempted to do in the past 8 years. Zero improvements, zero gains, I couldn't even make enough money to get a car in all that time. I'm gonna be 40 soon and I have nothing and have done nothing.

So today, a terrible reminder. Tomorrow, I'll probably be numb to it again.

But it seems some of you are having it much worse. Life is not always what it should be. 


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