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ive got an xarmor u9+ that i hacked to get the backlight working.

its awesome, but the keycaps are terrible. theyre too light and plasticky sounding, not to mention useless with their current legends, as i type dvorak.

now, as some of you may know, the xarmor boards have a peculiarity, the bottom row of keys is different, as you can see below

i think i have determined that the width of the spacebar is the same as the noppoo choc pro, but thats about it. i think i could fit the standard set of keycaps on the ctrl/win/alt keys on the left, but it would leave a gap on the left and right of the group.

i want a nice blank set of keycaps for this thing, but what should i get? should i order a standard cherry/filco compatible set and just buy the odd keys separately? or what...

when i get home later, ill grab a pic of the underside of the spacebar and we can see if it matches up with any other board's bars.

Can you shed some light on the BL mod? I remember reading about it on (I think) OCN, but the guy made it look like he only soldered one of the LEDs and they all worked. When people asked him about it, he didn't respond, so I'm wondering, you did have to solder all the LEDs, correct?

the bl mod was easy. tap into 5v on built-in usb hub, add switch, solder to one of the LEDs leads. theyre all wired in parallel, so they all lit right up.

@Ripster: ive been looking at getting a set of all clear caps actually. i guessi ill just have to get a few extra singles to flesh out the bottom row. and im worried about the spacebar. im curious to see how this sounds/feels with some proper heavy duty keys on it. id love a full set of clear, glossy, blank DSAs from SP..... a boy can dream though.


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